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OBT helps New Yorkers take steps toward a bright future through job training; education and college access assistance; and immigrant services.


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Ariel Leyva came to OBT to "redeem" himself in the eyes of his mother and his grandmother. At 20, he was frustrated because he hadn't graduated from high school, while he watched his friends graduate and move on. Now, he's earned his High School Equivalency diploma, professional certifications, and has a great full time job as a bookkeeper.

Stephanie Tossas, a young mother, came to OBT for a second chance in life and to make her child proud. Now, she's earned her High School Equivalency diploma and has secured a great full time job. She is excited to be the role model for her son that she always wanted to be.

Martha Lopez wanted to be more involved in her child's education, but found it difficult due to the language barrier she experienced. So, she came to OBT to learn English. Now, she helps her son every night with his homework and loves attending school events with him.

Camila Pinto had dreams of becoming an Architect, but found herself stuck in a rut working at a hair salon. After being laid off, Camila came to OBT, where she learned new web design and coding skills, and more importantly, discovered her inner potential. Now, she is working as the Marketing Coordinator for an architectural arts firm.

These are just a few stories of how OBT has helped NYC community members attain a better tomorrow.

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